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The Fictional World

Cheryl is a novelist who works online. Her writing are constantly inundated by readers. However, she has recently become too lethargic to continue writing. She is fatigued, but she also has nightmares that are partically identical to the scenario of her work. Cheryl complained about not being able to sleep until panda eye bags appeared on her 25 - year old face [ Anyway chapter updates are tonight due tonight! ] Cheryl started at the note, which her editor had filled with exclamation mark. She knew she'd been putting off sending out a new chapter from morning to evening In response to the note her editor had sent her, she typed a random sentence and submitted it. [ There will be a meteor shower tonight. so there will be new chapter to night. ] Cheryl quickly closed the Conversation window and returned to the online gaming interface. She noticed that the event timeout was about to expired Cheryl shifted her avatar, getting ready to climb the ranks The light went out just her fingers were about to contact the mouse. The unexpected darkness caught Cheryl off guard. She moved her weight slightly in order to reach the phone in the desk drawer. She quickly turned on the flashlight after obtaining her phone Cheryl no longer felt compelled to stay up late once the electricity went off. She entered the room and claimed into bed using the flashlight on her phone. Cheryl fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, possibly due to tiredness. She had no idea that the meteor shower was talking place outside. However, what can be seen in the night sky are sparks that look like lovely fireworks Iron boots heavy footsteps
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